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  • Are all these characteristics of Silver permanent or do they fade after being washed?

    AG.SHELL socks are manufactured by using pure silver yarn. No chemical application has been used during the manufacturing process. It is designed for both making the product characteristics permanent and for completely utilizing the benefits provided by the silver element. AG.SHELL Silver products do not lose their properties after being washed.

  • Why is Silver recommended for diabetics?

    AG.SHELL Silver socks are manufactured specially with pure silver yarn for diabetics. With the pure silver yarn technology, it keeps your feet warm in cold weathers. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics, it prevents any wound and infections on your feet. With the healing characteristic of silver, it helps the healing of wounds and infections on your feet without them catching the infection. Bonny Silver does not bother your feet with its special rubber for diabetic patients, it does not hamper blood circulation and prevents edema formation thanks to the silver zone up to your ankle. With seamless toe, it does not irritate your feet.

  • How does Silver prevent feet from sweating or getting cold?

    Silver is the element with the best reflection and conductivity features in the world. With its thermodynamic structure, it keeps your feet warm in winter and cool and fresh in summer. The silver yarn reflects 95% of the thermal energy coming out of your body back to its source and stores and distributes it. This way, it keeps your feet warm in cold weathers. Due to its thermal conductivity property, the silver yarn distributes the heat on your feet in hot weathers to the external environment and keeps your feet cool. It regulates the heat balance of your body by providing sweat glands to work properly.

  • How does Silver prevent and eliminate germs and bacteria on the feet?

    The silver yarn used in the product passes through the cell walls of bacteria and germs it encounters and impairs their DNA on the cell membrane. In this way, it prevents the proliferation of germs, which reproduce every 50 seconds, and the bacteria, which doubles its number every 20 minutes.
    The electrons that silver reveals, tear apart the cell membrane and destroy the ability of DNAs and RNAs of microorganisms to reproduce themselves on the fabric. Because bacteria and fungi proliferate by the division of their membranes, their reproduction is prevented when membranes are torn. Thus, microbial activity is rendered ineffective.

  • What kind of certificate you have ?

    We have ISO9001, CE ,SGS.

  • Do you accept OEM business?

    Yes, we are OEM supplier.

  • What is the standard of package?

    Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement.

  • Whats the delivery time ?

    30-50 days according with the order quantity

  • Can I get samples from your factory?

    Yes, sample is free, but the express charge is yours.

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