Medical Compression Stockings


Graduated compression socks are the more common types you’ll find and what most people use. While available in a range of compression tightness, these socks are all tightest around the ankle, getting looser the higher up the leg they go. Compression socks generally come in two lengths — knee-high and thigh-high — but full compression tights are growing more common with athletes.

Pressure level 16-22mmHg is suitable for people who sit and stand for a long time, such as nurses, pregnant women, teachers, air hostesses, office staff, police officers, obese people, bedridden people, people on business trips for a long time.

Pressure level 2 medium pressure 23-30mmHg is suitable for bending and thickening superficial veins on legs that are higher than the skin when standing, accompanied by symptoms such as slight itching, acid swelling and pain, which can be alleviated or disappear when the legs are too high in supine position. 

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